Kevlar Recovery Strop

Recovery strops are suitable for most recovery situations in mine operations and heavy duty applications. From 4 metres up to 20 metres in length and ranging from 10 to 400 tonnes in break strength

  • Low elongation of 4%, low recoil properties from KEVLAR
  • Abrasion/cut resistant rubber protects the inner KEVLAR
  • Easy to install with various shaped eyelets available
  • Shorter lengths available on request

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Break Strength 10 tonne 20 tonne 30 tonne 50 tonne 70 tonne 100 tonne 150 tonne 200 tonne 300 tonne 400 tonne
4 metre 4kg 8kg 9kg 10kg 14kg 25kg 22kg 27kg 41kg 51kg
6 metre 5kg 11kg 11kg 13kg 18kg 29kg 25kg 32kg 48kg 64kg
10 metre 7kg 16kg 16kg 20kg 28kg 40kg 37kg 44kg 66kg 90kg
15 metre 9kg 21kg 24kg 27kg 33kg 53kg 50kg 59kg 96kg 122kg
20 metre 12kg 28kg 28kg 36kg 44kg 69kg 65kg 77kg 120kg 144kg
Maximum GVW 6t 13t 20t 33t 46t 67t 100t 130t 200t 267t


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