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Materials Handling

Materials Handling

Material handling equipment ensures the safe lifting and transporting of materials in the manufacturing process, such as boxes, crates, and barrels. Material handling equipment includes chain blocks, come alongs and lever hoists, spring balancers, and clamps to help move materials and finished products from place to place.


To ensure safe material handling we only stock material handling equipment that has passed our strict high-quality standards. View our range below or call us on (07) 3801 6565 for help determining what material handling equipment you need.

Choosing the right material handling equipment

When choosing material handling equipment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The weight and size of the lifted item must be considered to select the appropriate lifting tool or system.
  • The environment in which the lift will take place, as this can affect how safely and efficiently it is executed.

Taking these steps ensures that loads are lifted successfully every time.

When did you last have your material handling equipment inspected?

To keep your team safe and equipment performing well, ensure you organise regular onsite inspections. Also, ensure your team knows how to spot unsafe assets with before-use inspections and training.