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Onsite Inspections

Not sure how often to have your equipment inspected?

Find out the inspection intervals for each type of equipment category as described by the Australian Standards & manufacturers instructions.

Onsite inspections through
Stenhouse Lifting

No matter if it’s a local job or a remote project, we come to you for onsite inspections to keep your equipment compliant – and your site operational. We are the biggest in the business and there isn’t a job we can’t tackle.

Through periodic inspections and supporting services we are currently keeping more than 2000 sites safe and compliant every year.  We are committed to making a genuine risk reduction in equipment related failures through education, industry experience and software enabled inspections.

Our Service Technicians are Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) accredited and have decades of experience doing visual inspections of auxiliary, lifting and height safety equipment.

Got something tricky?

We specialise in large equipment with unique requirements for the mining, construction, engineering & urban utilities sectors.

Stenhouse believe in maintaining equipment compliance through a multifaceted approach, including inspection services, asset management and lifecycle, failure reporting and trends and training, so our clients gain the best value, compliance, and safety.

The Stenhouse Difference

Always compliant

Our team are always up to speed with the latest standards and regulations, so you can be sure you’re compliant.

The right parts for the job

Equipment needs repair? We bring the right spares every time – supplied certified, tagged and tested to minimise downtime so you can get back up and running fast.

48hr promise

Where equipment can’t be repaired onsite, our National Association of Testing Authorities-accredited (NATA) laboratory will get it back to you within 48 hours. *Parts Pending

On time, every time

We turn up when we say we will – and that stands for recurring inspections too. We track, manage, book and complete work within the required window to keep your site compliant.

Live updates

Our proprietary asset management software, Radify Pro, lets you track your assets and certifications from anywhere so you’re always in control.

The Stenhouse difference

We genuinely give a damn that your people go home safe every day. That’s why we hold ourselves to such high standards to keep your gear compliant and safe.


Onsite inspections ensure that you keep your people safe, assets are compliant, and your site operational. If 25 years in business has taught us anything, it’s that the best protection from lifting and height safety equipment failure is prevention, and that’s where onsite inspections come in. Coming into your workplace, our trained and highly experienced technicians thoroughly inspect your equipment to ensure it is safe to use to drastically reduce the risk of having equipment failure.

Specific equipment inspection intervals for height safety and lifting equipment are set in the relevant Australian standards and manufacturers’ instructions and must be adhered to. This can vary between 3-12 months, depending on your equipment. To find out the inspection intervals, download our free Inspection Interval Guide.

As per regulations, a competent person must inspect your height safety and lifting equipment. A competent person is one of our service technicians who has the necessary training, experience and acquired knowledge to perform a safety inspection of your equipment correctly.

Our Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) and National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Accredited Service Technicians have decades of experience testing and repairing auxiliary, lifting and height safety equipment.

The risks of failing to have your equipment inspected are many. Though the real risk is that damaged and expired equipment stay in service. Regular onsite inspections ensure that failed and expired equipment is removed and fixed to ensure your people stay safe, equipment stays compliant, and your site stays operational.
We have the largest team of competent height safety and lifting equipment service technicians in Southeast Queensland. In fact, we have more than double the number of technicians that other companies keep. This means our capability and capacity are second to none, allowing us to help you with any size inspection, even on short notice.
We will provide you with a detailed inspection report at the end of each onsite inspection. You can access all reporting, and your height and safety equipment certifications through our live Asset Management System, Radify PRO. Designed and developed by Stenhouse Service Technicians, you can view, manage, and customise your reports and access images from onsite inspections to further train your staff around the causes of failure to prevent further failures and replacement costs.

Yes, through our onsite repairs and testing we bring the right people with the right gear so you can get back to work fast, no matter how remote your location. Our service technicians have decades of experience testing and repairing auxiliary, lifting and height safety equipment and can repair and replace most equipment onsite. In the event of something more complex, we have a 24–48-hour turnaround on equipment fixing and replacement within our branches.

To book an inspection, contact your nearest Stenhouse branch.