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Before Use Training & Inspections

Before-use inspections and training with Stenhouse Lifting

The best way to prevent asset failures for lifting and height safety equipment? Help your team identify unsafe assets pre-start.

We’ve developed Radify, our proprietary online training and asset management platform, to show your team how to identify issues before they happen.

The Stenhouse Difference

Pre-start checklists that keep people safe

Step-by-step instructions unique to every asset, plus bonus toolbox training presentations.

Early warning for common failures

Learnings from thousands of inspections identify exactly where failures are likely for every asset type.

Stay compliant

System updates stay compliant with standards & regulations – so you’re always protected.

Accredited competency training

Option for staff to upskill through Radify for units of competency. Radify is the only software of its kind, keeping teams up-to-date with the latest lifting and height safety equipment standards and regulations to increase compliance and minimise downtime and lost production. This powerful tool combines decades of experience collected over more than half a million asset inspections.

Easy to use onsite – and in the office

With an intuitive layout designed for simple grab-and-go use, the system is easy to manage from an app on your smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer.

Four-steps to compliance and safety

For every asset, the system shows your team:

  • How to identify if that asset is compliant and safe
  • How to inspect the asset
  • When an asset needs to go offline for repair to maintain compliance
  • When, where and how the asset is used

Get in touch with our team to request a demonstration today.