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Electric Hoists

Electric Hoists

Electric hoists are designed to make lifting easier and safer. Electric hoists work by using electric motor to raise and lower a chain or cable, which in turn lifts the object. This type of lifting hoist is commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and warehousing applications.

To ensure ‘everybody goes home’, here at Stenhouse, we only stock electric hoists and trollies that have passed our stringent high-quality standards. Explore our range below or call us on (07) 3801 6565 if you need help determining which electric hoists are right for you.

Why are electric hoists important?

Electric hoists have become an essential tool in many industries because:

  • They are much faster and can lift heavier loads with less effort
  • They are easy to operate and require little maintenance
  • They are safer and reduce operator fatigue as they don’t require manual labour
  • They increase work efficiency and output


How to choose the right electric hoist

When choosing an electric hoist, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • The capacity of the electric hoist. Electric hoists are available in a range of lifting capacities, so be sure to select an electric hoist that can handle the size and shape of the load you need to lift.
  • Lifting speed. Electric hoists are available with variable speed controls, so you can select the speed that best suits your needs. If you need to lift heavy loads slowly, you’ll want an electric hoist with a low lifting speed. If you need to lift lighter loads quickly, you’ll want an electric hoist with a higher lifting speed.
  • Work environment. Electric hoists must withstand the elements they encounter, including corrosive chemicals or extreme temperatures.
  • High-quality manufacturing. Finally, always select an electric hoist from a manufacturer that has built their reputation on using high-quality materials and adhering to strict safety standards.

By taking all these factors into account, you can choose the lifting hoist that best meets your needs.

When was the last time you had your electric hoist inspected?

Ensure you organise regular onsite inspections to keep your electric hoist in good working order. Also, ensure your team knows how to identify unsafe assets with before-use inspections and training.