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Our Capability Statement

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A family business built on traditional values.

Over 25 years ago, Stenhouse Lifting Equipment started as family business in Yatala. Over those 25+ years we’ve expanded to four branches and a team of 32. Each staff member is integral to the functioning of Stenhouse, and each is responsible for maintaining its reputation and focus on safety. On recruitment and probation period of initial employment, it is imperative staff members align with Stenhouse core values:

Stenhouse Lifting Equipment remains “unbending” and will not compromise on the safety of staff or clients, even when requested on occasion by clients. Stenhouse Lifting always maintains safety to applicable Australian Standards and WorkSafe Codes of Practice – we want everyone to go home safe.
Our core business is centred around onsite inspection, repair, testing and new sales of auxiliary lifting, synthetic lifting and height safety equipment. Between them, our team represent nearly three centuries of experience, with 244 of those years of expertise held by staff in the South-East Queensland region. We are currently the largest provider of onsite inspections for lifting and height safety equipment in South-East Queensland, completing over 2500 onsite inspections per year to the applicable Australian Standard and site requirements, tailored to the client’s needs.

We’re always around the corner

With offices in Eagle Farm, Maryborough, Wacol and Yatala, we always have technicians close at hand. Our footprint reaches from Gladstone to Grafton, and west to Toowoomba. Our vehicles and home base inventory are well equipped with the equipment required for the assets on your site – we frequently set up mobile test and repair facilities for clients across South-East Queensland and beyond. From responding to emergency issues and repairs, to accommodating schedule slips where equipment that wasn’t available for scheduled safety checks, our team are ready.

The certainty of a known quantity

Our clients are seeking a reliable partner to ensure the safety of their assets and the convenience of not having to manage the process inhouse. At Stenhouse, we believe our record and past performance speak for themselves. We offer Our clients the certainty of a known quantity, backed by a history of successfully delivering works on our client’s sites, achieving significant safety improvements for your people, assets and operations, all while maintaining our own impeccable safety record.

Our People

Instilling our safety culture from day 1

Every Stenhouse employee is indoctrinated into our safety program from the moment they enter the organisation. Regardless of their prior field experience, new employees operate alongside an experienced Stenhouse employee until the business is satisfied they’re sufficiently versed in our safety mindset and methodology, once approved the technician can undertake a competency assessment.

From preparation of job descriptions through to induction and initial training, ongoing refresher training, regular toolbox talks, review of competency assessments through to the processes that guide every aspect of delivery of works on site – our work, our roles and the support mechanisms we’ve built for our team have been established on a solid foundation of health and safety considerations. Every employee has a role to play in modelling good safety behaviours – and is empowered with the confidence to speak up if they see something unsafe in any setting.

The right people for the job

We’re confident that we provide the most experienced and dedicated workforce for onsite inspection of lifting and height safety equipment in South-East Queensland, with their on-the-job experience further honed by Stenhouse’s rigorous approach to ongoing professional development, far exceeding the industry norm.

Our safety culture program comes to work even before they do

Given the highly repetitive but safety-critical nature of our tasks, we recruit for a very particular skillset and attitude – this work calls for attention to detail and a dedication to safety that goes beyond ticking a box. In this way, one of the most crucial aspects to stewarding such a successful safety culture has been building a team with the right attitude for the job. From recruitment to ongoing professional development, our people are selected and supported for their ability to carry out the work – and their commitment to keeping themselves, their work mates and your team safe.

Doing better is how we do business

Continuous improvement is in our DNA. We encourage feedback from our clients – good or bad. We require all members of our team to complete regular competency refreshers well beyond the minimum standard to stay current with evolving legislated requirements – regardless of the depth of their experience in the field. Unified by their growth mindset, our team welcome opportunities to learn. This extends to attending site visits at asset production facilities, as we believe that understanding the manufacturing process helps our people understand how to enhance asset productivity and prevent safety failures.

Our capacity

With multiple South East Queensland Test Facilities and mobile testing and service vehicles, Stenhouse has the ability to inspect and test as required across the variety of locations to ensure the compliance of all equipment.

Training and accreditation

All Stenhouse Service Technicians are Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) trained, an accreditation that’s internationally recognised, and all works are carried out in accordance with our NATA Accredited Systems. Boasting nearly three centuries of experience between them, our Service Technicians have all achieved a Statement of Attainment in the inspection of Height Safety Equipment. Stenhouse understand the value of continuity and engaging with our clients, and so appoint a single point of contact (Client Liaison) and Service Technicians for the life of a Tender, Project or Client partnership. Respected within the industry, our team have held positions on the relevant Australian Standard committee, part of our commitment to staying up-to-date with our industry and changes to the Standards. We also engage with our suppliers with innovative continuous improvement projects and specific product training sessions. Unified by their growth mindset, our team welcome these opportunities to learn as a means of expanding our ability to enhance asset productivity and prevent safety failures.

Committed to the future of our industry – for the safety of Australia

With 25+ years’ experience, we’re committed to supporting the growth of our industry – we want to see safer sites and assets across Australia so more people can return home safe at the end of each day. This commitment has seen our team contribute as founding members of Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, including serving as Board Members and Chairpersons for the organisation.

Safe sites through total compliance

Safety: Every person, every job, every day

Safety is the primary objective of every job, every day and every person for Stenhouse Lifting Equipment. We empower our team to take responsibility for safety, and provide the framework and encouragement to support our people in making safer decisions no matter where they are – at work, onsite or at home. Built into every aspect of everything we do, safety is a central component of our core business. Beyond simply approaching safety as a box-ticking exercise, we’re invested in doing our best to ensure people go home safe each day. That’s reflected in our exceptional safety record, with zero LTIs recorded in the last 5 years, and our solid reputation for doing what it takes to keep people safe. We know that our clients depend on us to reduce the risk profile of your assets and that, like ours, your employees want to go home safe at the end of each day. When it comes to your assets, we know that responsibility sits with us. That’s why we do all that we can to ensure our clients asset under our care is a safe one.

Safety is an opportunity, not an inconvenience

For our team, safety isn’t a buzzword or a box-ticking exercise – it’s the heart and soul of our business. As a team, we prioritise our responsibility for keeping your people, assets and operations safe. Our priority is not to ‘get it done’, but ‘to do what it takes’. We’re not just paying lip-service – safety always comes first and plays a key role in every area and level of our business.

Our goal is to empower every employee to take responsibility for safety, and to have the courage to speak up if they see something that’s unsafe. We believe in ‘walking our talk’, so our safety culture is driven from the top – with leadership playing an active role, from modelling safe behaviours to leading safety conversations, encouraging safety shares and guiding employees towards safer actions and decisions – at home and at work. The team participate in regular training, and ongoing Assessment of Competency reviews and refreshers.

Our well-documented processes were founded on a baseline of safety, where Zero Harm is our priority. With our proprietary reporting, asset management and client interface system ‘Radify’ in place, we have the tools to track team performance and adherence to our safety procedures against a number of metrics for the ultimate transparency and tracking, allowing review by leadership where required.

Radify Systems

Influencing federal policy on industry innovations

We’ve gained efficiencies through innovation and technological development, leading the lifting equipment industry in software and process development. We’re proud of our efforts in building safer, more efficient ways of working, and have presented a White Paper to federal parliament outlining the ability to ‘hack’ together existing technologies and processes from other industries and utilised within the lifting equipment industry.

With people always front of mind, Stenhouse gained efficiencies, revenue and growth by using technology to enhance employee performance, not to replace them.

Industry-leading proprietary software that keeps people safe – and you informed

Understanding our client’s need for immediate access to all reporting, Stenhouse are the only provider in our sector to design and build a proprietary reporting, asset management and client interface system. Developed in 2011, Radify goes beyond simply managing asset service history and scheduled dates to deliver instant reporting and live updates during inspections with convenient desktop and tablet or phone-based app access. The system supports our clients staff onsite interacting with the assets, and gives our clients the capacity to maintain visibility and control of their assets’ safety performance from corporate locations at all times.

Control individual access

Other systems offer single or limited logins, introducing risk by losing the ability to track and manage access. With Radify, our clients can appoint unique logins for all relevant team members, controlling access as required by role (for example, limiting invoicing information to accounting personnel).

Don’t just take our word for it

Stenhouse’s Radify system enables our clients the convenience of immediate reporting via personalised login. View performance and progress in real time for accurate and up-to-date KPI performance data. Simply select and review the data you need with customisable reports, export inspection results, or customise your own report with any combination of asset results and history. The platform’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy to understand and track performance without having to leave your desk. Availability of this data is further to the regular reporting the Stenhouse carry out on our client’s behalf per our contractual obligations.

Creating a process that works for you

Stenhouse has a variety of options and service levels that we customise to optimise the best solution moving forwarded. Stenhouse can increase communication, decrease exposure to risk and save real money by utilising proprietary software and applications. Information live during inspections; photographs of failures and time/date stamping are all standards features in Stenhouse inspection software.

1.2m data points for evidence-based early failure warnings

Leveraging insight from the thousands of inspections we perform every year, the Radify system tracks the most common early failure points for every asset type, empowering Our clients with critical knowledge that can keep operations rolling – and people safe.

Free, easy-to-use toolbox presentations

Our clients teams can access prepared ‘Toolbox Safety Presentations’ for each asset type, helping teams understand how to safely operate and manage each asset in between visits from the Stenhouse team. Our people can also deliver these sessions as part of our onsite delivery of works.

Your data is safe and secure

Hosted in secure Australian data centres, security and privacy is assured with multiple backups and redundancy measures complying with stringent NATA requirements, including maintaining 10-year documentation history.

How we service our clients

The locals in your local team

Stenhouse’s service region in Queensland is from Gladstone to Grafton – we’re locals, we understand the environment, we know our client’s processes for access, induction and conduct, and we’ve proven ourselves capable in managing the nature and complexity of work involved, including successfully delivering services across our client’s most isolated sites

Stenhouse has three branches in South East Queensland – Eagle Farm, Wacol and Yatala, which are located in the South and Central our clients regions, in addition to our Maryborough office further north. Stenhouse also has increased capability with the mobile testing van, which gives our Service Technicians the ability to conduct urgent or remote repairs and testing, decreasing the down time of equipment.

Increased productivity, decreased downtime

Whether it be maintaining equipment through preventative maintenance or keeping our clients safe at heights, Stenhouse knows our clients depend on the assets we inspect and test. To decrease downtime, we’ve developed the ability to provide written quotations for repairs or replacements during the inspection to allow for repairs to be approved (if desired) at the time of the inspection, dramatically decreasing down time for critical equipment. Stenhouse mobile testing and service vehicles also carry a range of products appropriate for the assets under review to allow for rapid repairs to mitigate lost productivity.

Risk mitigation through innovation

By incorporating our industry-leading proprietary Asset Management platform Radify, we believe we can help our clients further mitigate risk through:

Helping to develop, track and store “prior to use” inspections.

By making “prior to use” inspections available on tablets and smart phones with discard criteria and example images relevant to Client assets.

Increase awareness of “prior to use” inspection requirements through toolbox talks. • Enabling clear tracking and reporting of equipment not presented during inspections.

Harnessing the capability to include photographs of failed items, which assist users identify the root cause of failures.

Stenhouse works with our clients to increase transparency during scheduled and impromptu inspections. Together we decrease risk to employees before each and every use by enabling access to Radify’s inspections, the relevant discard criteria and examples, when it matters. Based on past performance, we believe Stenhouse offers the best overall savings annually year-on-year by reducing the amount of time equipment is out of service for inspections, servicing, repairs and for testing.

Scheduling of works

Stenhouse Clients have access to all of our systems including the scheduled inspections which are instantly updated once assets have been inspected. This allows our clients to plan 2 months or 2 years ahead if they so wish. Our Inspection Coordinators send email remainders the month prior and communicate via phone and with our site contacts in the lead to up all scheduled inspections to decrease any unnecessary last-minute rescheduling, or missed inspections leading to noncompliance. Stenhouse has a variety of options and service levels that we customise to optimise the best solution moving forward.

Stenhouse process prior to onsite inspection

A legacy of successfully delivering on KPIs for our clients

With a single point of contact on the Stenhouse team providing governance of our contracts, our clients can enjoy the certainty of knowing that KPIs are being tracked, managed and met – and that corrective action will be taken proactively (and in consultation with our clients as appropriate) where required. As a proven partner already delivering this work for our clients, Stenhouse offers a field-tested system for managing, tracking and monitoring KPIs. Within our Radify Safety and Asset Management platform, every work order has a listing of KPIs supported by an established work process that reflects current best practice, Australian Standards and our client’s own internal processes.