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Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest block repairs & servicing

Stenhouse Lifting Equipment offer re-certification of fall arrest blocks and personal winches to comply with the mandatory Standards and the manufacturers requirements – with certificates provided for each certified asset.

The Stenhouse Difference

Stay compliant

Our Accredited Height Safety Inspectors are always up to speed with the latest legal standards and regulations, so you know your height safety equipment is compliant after we inspect.

We get local conditions

We’ve worked in the unique environments across Queensland, Northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory that you’re operating in, so we understand the conditions your equipment needs to withstand to complete the job.

Experience where it counts

Using the wrong equipment, or equipment that will erode in the wrong environment, can put your people and assets at risk. We’ve got the experience to make sure your gear is compliant and fit-for-purpose.

On time, every time

We turn up when we say we will – and that stands for recurring inspections too. We track, manage, book and complete work within the required window to keep your site compliant.

Live updates

Our proprietary asset management software, Radify Pro, lets you track your assets and certifications from anywhere so you’re always in control.

The Stenhouse difference

We genuinely give a damn that your people go home safe every day. That’s why we hold ourselves to such high standards to keep your gear compliant and safe.

To book an inspection, contact your nearest Stenhouse branch