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Radify PRO

Asset Management System

Maintaining compliance of your equipment is simplified with our Live Asset Management System Radify PRO. Radify PRO is our proprietary software and APP’s designed and developed by Stenhouse Service Technicians. Tablets and mobile devices can access previous results, asset detail and inspection criteria during the critical time of the inspection process.

Radify PRO enables our clients to view, manage and even customise their own reports 24 hours a day. Added to your asset history also are live updated images taken by our service technicians during your onsite inspection. The images recorded increase communication regarding the cause of the failure and decrease the risk of further failures with potential options for replacement.

Each of our Clients have Unlimited user log ins with differing levels of access which allows multiple users to benefit from Radify PROs versatility. Whether you require access to multiple sites records, creating unique reports or access a copy of an invoice Radify PRO is the answer. Having the capability to export all asset history and reports in Excel format allows Stenhouse clients to utilise the otherwise static data for internal purposes.

The Stenhouse Difference

On time, every time

We turn up when we say we will - and that stands for recurring inspections too. We track, manage, book and complete work within the required window to keep your site compliant.

Live updates

Our proprietary asset management software, Radify Pro, lets you track your assets and certifications from anywhere so you're always in control.

The Stenhouse difference

We genuinely give a damn that your people go home safe every day. That's why we hold ourselves to such high standards to keep your gear compliant and safe.

Stay compliant

Our LEEA-Accredited (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) Service Techs are always up to speed with the latest legal standards and regulations, so you know your wire ropes will be compliant after we inspect.

Challenging location?

Got a complex location? Bring it on. Our team have inspected, tested and repaired equipment in some of the most challenging sites and environments in Australia.

48hr promise

Where equipment needs a repair that can't be completed onsite, our National Association of Testing Authorities-accredited (NATA) laboratory (with facilities for assets up to 100 tonnes) will get it back to you within 48 hours. *Parts Pending