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Free Downloads

Stenhouse takes safety very seriously – we are passionate about educating those who use and operate our equipment. Here we have compiled an ongoing collection of free downloads, so you stay safe and your equipment last longer.

These downloads are the perfect source of information. Download with confidence today!

Working Load Limit Chart

We have created a Working Load Limit Chart to download and display around your business. This enables your operators & staff to quickly learn the load limits for many of our products. Ensuring they are safely using the equipment.

Immediately download your Working Load Limit Chart today!

Pre Start Checklist Poster

We have created a poster to download and display around your business. This includes a QR code so your operators can quickly scan the code to learn the inspection routine steps for each of the below products.

Immediately download your Pre Start Poster today!

RGBY Tagging System Guide

To operate safely, all lifting equipment must be inspected and tagged throughout the year. The RGBY tagging system is the perfect way to tag your equipment and identify when they are next due for inspection.

Immediately download your RGBY Tagging System Guide today!

Inspection Frequency Guide

Not sure how often to have your equipment inspected?

Find out the inspection intervals for each type of equipment category as described by the Australian Standards & manufacturers instructions.

Immediately download your Inspection Frequency Guide today!

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.