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Entertainment Rigging Equipment

Entertainment Rigging Equipment

Entertainment rigging equipment is essential for lifting, moving, and hanging lights, sets, or scenery during live performances. The components of entertainment rigging vary widely but typically consist of lever hoists, electric hoists, slings, and other load-restraining devices.


To ensure your safe performances, we only stock entertainment rigging equipment that meets our stringent high-quality standards. Explore our range of entertainment rigging equipment below or call us on (07) 3801 6565 if you need help determining which entertainment rigging equipment you need.

How to choose the right entertainment rigging equipment

When choosing entertainment rigging equipment, it is vital to consider your production’s particular needs and demands.

  • Consideration should be given to the weight capacity of each component and its function in the rigging system.
  • Choose fittings and connectors that are suitable for the load requirements.
  • Make sure all connections are properly secured with appropriate fasteners like bolts and nuts for a safe performance every time.
  • Select products from reliable manufacturers that meet strict safety standards.

Selecting quality entertainment rigging equipment with close attention to detail can guarantee that your performance goes as planned without any surprises.

When did you last have your entertainment rigging equipment checked?

Ensure you organise regular onsite inspections to keep your entertainment rigging equipment in good working order. Also, ensure your team knows how to recognise unsafe assets with before-use inspections and training to identify the signs of wear or damage before every use.