Dyneema Recovery Strop

The BigTow recovery strops are manufactured using a Dyneema fibre rope to provide a light weight option for vehicle recovery. It has extremely low stretch with limited linear recoil and is much safer than steel wire. BigTow are an ideal substitute for heavy chains or steel wire rope recovery strops. There are a range of protective sleeve options including polyester, braided, heavy duty aramid and Kevlar and a variation of end terminations to suit your application.

  • Manufactured from Lankoforce SK-78 Genuine DSM Dyneema
  • We can manufacture from 1t to 1300t and from 1 metre through to 200 metres and over
  • Half the weight of a Kevlar strop and 1/8th of the weight of a steel wire strop

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How to Order

When ordering BigTow Recovery Strops always specify the following information:

    • Minimum Breaking Load (MBL)
    • Effective Length
    • End Terminations (Protected Soft Eyes/Thimbles/Endless)
    • Any other special customer requests


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