Grade S Safety Pin Bow Shackles

Grade S Safety Pin Bow Shackles

Conforms to AS2741 manufactured from Grade “S” material in bow configuration with Screw Pin hot dipped galvanized.


• Test certificates supplied (Upon request)

• Marked with work load limit in tonnes, quality grade, batch numbered, nominal size in millimetre and supplier identification.

• Proof tested to 2 x work load limit, with a minimum break force of 6 x work load limit.

• Applications: Lifting applications.



NOTE: Larger Sizes available by request.

Part Numbers

Part: 142006
WLL Capacity: WLL 2t
Part: 142007
WLL Capacity: WLL 3.25t
Part: 142008
WLL Capacity: WLL 4.75t
Part: 142009
WLL Capacity: WLL 6.5t
Part: 142010
WLL Capacity: WLL 8.5t
Part: 142011
WLL Capacity: WLL 9.5t
Part: 142012
WLL Capacity: WLL 12t
Part: 142013
WLL Capacity: WLL 13t
Part: 142014
WLL Capacity: WLL 17t
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