Paramount LinQ Anchor T-Bar Anchor 15kN

The LINQ Tetha T Bar anchor plates are engineered for extreme workplace situations. Boasting a minimum breaking strength of 22kN, the range has been developed to be a durable and efficient temporary roof line anchor system.

  • Rated for up to a 140kg user.
  • To be used on metal clad roofs only.
  • Conforms to ASNZS 1891.4 requirements.

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  • An affordable temporary and reusable alternative to installation of a permanent purlin style anchor.
  • Compact design and lightweight materials provide a tried and tested safety solution.
  • Can withstand fall arrest forces up to 22kN (It is important to ensure that the structure to which any LINQ Tetha anchor plate is installed, has sufficient strength (refer to ASNZS 1891.4) to sustain the applied load).
  • The Tetha T-Bar has an easy to use double tie off L-screw and wing nut applicator that clips onto the roof edge (for suitable profiles only).
  • Can be used as a temporary anchor point in applications along a roof line where no permanent anchor point exists.
  • Quick installation and removal. (Installation should always be conducted by a competent person as described in ASNZS 1891.4)
  • Suitable for Fall Arrest application on metal roofs.


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