DBI SALA Force 2 Dual Adjustable Lanyard

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Force2™ shock absorbing lanyards are now even lighter, stronger and more durable than ever, with an expanded range of connector combinations that are the lightest and strongest on the market providing a safe and secure means of connecting your harness to a secure anchorage point. Featuring the world’s smallest and lightest shock absorber constructed from high tenacity fibre energy management material that provides second-to-none abrasion, cut and chemical resistance and efficient shock absorption.

  • Cut resistant kernmantle rope lanyard tails
  • Adjusts from 750mm to 2 metres in length
  • Extremely compact and lightweight energy absorber

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  • 2.0 metre double tail adjustable lanyard
  • Exclusive Hi-10 energy absorption system
  • Lightweight triple action karabiner and double action scaffold hooks on ends
  • User friendly self locking connectors with 16kn rated gates
  • Fully compatible hardware
  • Built-in reflective materials
  • Rated to 160kg
  • Impact indicator
  • Protected labels, equipped with i-Safe


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