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Your Time Matters – And That Drives How We Do Business

Having productive equipment on any active site can make or break a schedule – and a project. This includes:

  • A Mining Site
  • A Construction Site
  • A Water Authority’s Treatment Centre
  • Something else entirely

Schedules impact budgets, and budgets impact business. That’s something we keep top of mind.

What we do at Stenhouse

At Stenhouse, our job, first and foremost, is to keep people safe by checking, servicing and maintaining lifting equipment, ensuring it meets the relevant standards.

We know that for our clients, it’s not just about accuracy, it’s also about time. Every day – and hour – that equipment is offline can present a business-critical risk.

Our whole business cadence has been designed around our understanding of the importance of time to your business. This includes:

  • How we schedule work
  • How we proactively manage your inspection schedule
  • How we communicate that to your team

You need your equipment to be functional, safe and operational so you can deliver your services and expertise to your customers. No matter if you’re constructing a new hospital for a government body, providing water for an entire region or heading for your most productive month in a mine, your work matters, which is why we prioritise your assets accordingly.

We have the equipment and parts for the job

Unsafe and unproductive equipment can prevent you from delivering on your promises to your customers. To avoid that as far as possible, our service vehicles are stocked with the equipment and parts your site might need; backed by a fast-response delivery service for the rare occasions you need something unexpected. We keep our branches well-stocked, and have great relationships with our suppliers to keep that pipeline running.

In most cases, equipment can be checked and repaired onsite. Where equipment needs to go offsite for repair, we commit to 24-hour turnaround. That’s a promise that means something to us, so we schedule our workshop and facilities accordingly. We want to make sure our team can be there for you, when you need us most.

We always deliver, no compromise.

It’s time to get your safety right. Contact us to find out more.

It’s time to get your safety right.
Contact us to find out more.