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WHS Officers Learn About Common Equipment Failures

Driven by a strong desire to change our industry for the better and ensure ‘everyone gets home safe’, we have worked closely with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Queensland for over ten years, training officers on why gear fails and the common equipment failures we see here at Stenhouse.

As WHS Officers often come from a reactive standpoint, after an incident has already happened on-site, these regular training sessions ensure WHS Officers know what it looks like when equipment fails and the potential cause of different types of equipment failures. It also provides a safe space to ask questions about common issues or something they find on-site. 

Recently, we had the opportunity to host a group of six WHS Officers who came to our Wacol branch and watched as we put the gear on the testbed and slowly overloaded it.

Demonstrating what equipment failures look like

Throughout the afternoon, we showed them what equipment looks like when it goes beyond the recommended working load limit (WLL), so they understand that gear doesn’t just “break”, there are very crucial reasons for it. 

Proving that some equipment will meet its breaking strength, which for chain slings is four times the WLL before it breaks allows WHS Officers to bring the necessary accountability to situations they encounter.

Seeing the impact that education and regular onsite inspections can have – reducing some industries equipment failure rates by 85% – we’re proud to continue this long-standing relationship with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, to create greater accountability around keeping people safe at work.

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