Silver Rope

Transport silver rope gives the benefits of superior strength, wear and abrasion resistant, water proof and provide excellent knotting properties generally for the transport, industrial and shipping industries however silver rope has many other applications.

  • Rope diameters available from 6mm to 16mm in 125 metre and 250 metre coils.
  • All silver ropes are white in colour with a strand fleck to identify lashing capacity.
  • Manufactured in strand hawser laid from polyethylene textile.

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Part No.Size
Lashing Capacity
Fleck ColourMass
2853066125160Black, Black1.5
2854066250160 Black, Black3
2853088125280 Black, Black3.9
2854088250280 Black, Black7.8
28531010125430 Black, Yellow5.6
28541010250430 Black, Yellow11.2
28531212125600 Black, Green8.5
28541212250600 Black, Green17.5
285314141251000 Black, Light Blue11.75
28541414250100Black, Light Blue23.5
285316161251000Black, Light Blue14.4


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