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How does ‘real time reporting’ help you stay compliant?

Maintaining compliance of your equipment is a top priority for Stenhouse as it ensures the safety of our clients and their staff, which is our mission. Therefore, we have created Radify Pro, our asset management system that uses real time to inspect and test our client’s equipment.

In this blog, we explore how real time reporting works, it’s benefits and how it helps you stay compliant and safe.

How does Real Time Reporting work?

The Radify inspection software allows Stenhouse service technicians to update client’s data tables during the inspection process. We have a singular point of truth for all data which our clients have direct access too.

Put simply, our clients can see the inspection and testing records as they happen.

What are the benefits of Real Time Reporting?

The main 3 benefits of real time reporting include:

  1. All updates and changes are instant – real time reporting keeps everyone up to date and on the same page immediately.
  2. Provides the user total control and visibility – our clients work on sites just like us, so assets move around. Knowing this, we designed our software to provide the user with total control and visibility. Whether it be one of your staff reporting on a failed piece of equipment or a change of location, inspection records are always up to date.
  1. Immediate notification if an asset fails an inspection – if an asset fails a ‘before use’ inspection or a periodic inspection our clients are notified immediately. Notifications include the asset details, photo of failures and the outcome.

How does real time reporting help with compliance?

Compliance can only be achieved when the supporting framework allows access to current information. Inspections completed months ago only provide dead data that is no longer an accurate reflection of the asset’s status or location.

Real time reporting enables our clients to be truly compliant – ensuring the safety of anyone who operates their equipment.

Ready to become truly compliant?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our experts have the solution for you.

It’s time to get your safety right.
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