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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Stenhouse Lifting

Below we answer your burning questions about our lifting and safety services and products.


Shackles are one of the most used connecting devices as part of an overall lifting assembly. Shackles are universally used in the lifting industry but are also used for tensioning, as they are removable links that interconnect other components.

The most used shackle is the Grade S screw pin bow shackle. This is because the Working Load Limit must meet or exceed the required capacity. The deciding factor is usually the dimensions of the “connection point” that the pin passes through and the potential crowding in the bow of the shackle.

The Working Load Limit of a Shackle is not impacted by the direction e.g., vertical, horizontal, or inverted. The shackle body will take the load along the axis of the centreline. However, it’s important to note that a shackle cannot be side loaded.

The relevant Australian standard permits many finishes with the majority being electroplated zinc or hot dipped galvanised, which will stand up to average atmospheric conditions.

However, in an environment that is deemed ‘corrosive’, stainless steel shackles are recommended for lifting.

The Australian standard states that the operating temperatures of Shackles are from -10 degrees to 200 degrees.

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