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Chain Sling Inspection

How to inspect before use

Ensure your safety, the safety of your site and teammates when conducting inspections. All inspections of Chain Sling shall be conducted in accordance with the relevant standards.

Inspect all the components of the Chain Sling assembly thoroughly

Working Load Limit/Mandatory Markings Tag

Is the Working Load Limit tag legible, correct and fit for continued service?

Master Link

Is the master link fit for continued service?

Connecting Link/s

Is the connecting link/s fit for continued service?

Shortening Hook/s

Is the shortening hook/s fit for continued service?


Is the chain fit for continued service?

Hook/s (lower terminal device)

Is the hook/s (lower terminal device) fit for continued service?

What to look for

Bent, Corroded, Cracked, Cut, Deformed, Distorted, Gouged, Heat Damage, Nicked, Seized, Unreadable, Worn.
NOTE: Pay particular attention to the load bearing pins and points
If any doubt is raised regarding the Chain Sling NOT being fitted for service, tag accordingly and contact us on 3801 6565.