Load Chocker

Load Chocker

The Load Choker is a new and exciting solution to the problem of safely restraining difficult loads such as loose packs of steel or timber. It has the ability to maintain pressure and “choke” the load to restrict movement in all directions. The use of Load Choker offers a major reduction in tie down time whilst significantly reducing OH&S risk. Models are available to suit transport webbing or chains.


• Drop forged alloy steel for strength and durability.

• Zinc passivated finish for long service life.

• Rolled edges to maximise service life of straps.

• Huge improvement over traditional belly strap method as it creates even tension around load.

• Significantly faster unloading times, particularly with multiple deliveries.

• Far greater restraint ability in emergency situations.


Product Code: LS50 (webbing strap type)

• Load Capacity: 2500kg

• Proof tested to exceed: 5000kg 


Product Code: LC08 (transport chain type)

• Load Capacity: 4000kg

• Proof Tested to Exceed: 8000kg 



Part Numbers

Part: LS50
Transport : (LC) 2500kg - 50mm Strap Model
Part: LC08
Transport : (LC) 4000kg - 8mm Chain Model
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