Grade 120 Alloy Chain / Slings (RUD)

Grade 120 Alloy Chain / Slings (RUD)


Grade 120 Alloy Chain - RUD:

The evolution in chain steel and in the production process enables the quantum leap to a new “class of its own”. With 60% higher working load capacity and greater wear resistance than Grade 80 (T) chain.


ICE - Special Quality:

For single and multiple strand sling chains with different angles of inclination for symmetrical loading of the strands. Available in sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm 13mm and 16mm.Every chain link is stamped with the ICE logo, plus serial and batch numbers are stamped every running metre. The reduction in weight of more than 30% is a considerable factor in work ergonomics. A higher visible colour which discolours under high
temperatures and a dual process surface coating for increased corrosion resistance.


ICE Overheating Indication:

Extremely temperature resistant -60oC up to +300oC. This special fl uorescent traffi c purple powder coating permanently changes colour at increased temperatures. Colour black signifi es and application of more than 400oC (715oF). Further use is then prohibited. Due to a special heat treatment developed by RUD, the high-dynamic ICE chains are more resistant to external mechanical wear friction and damage. Therefore, longer service life is guaranteed. All RUD-ICE chains and components are electromagnetically crack detected to ensure greater safety.

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