Safe-T-Weight Portable Load Indicator

Safe-T-Weight Portable Load Indicator


Quick and simple load checking, testing, measurement and weighing
Totally portable operation
Standard range 2 tonnes to 120 tonnes (Units available with 2t, 6.5t, 12t, 25t, 55t or 120t load capacity)
Lightweight and high strength aluminium link body 2.4GHz operating frequency

Mobile and tower cranes
Check weighing
Tension measurement
Construction operations

• Lightweight aluminium body for ease of transportation and installation.
• Battery life: Active - not less than 70 hours. Battery type: Link - 2 x type AA, Handheld - 4 x type AA.
• POWER-ON system test and calibration check.
• Illuminated 15mm digits.
• Proof load: 200% working load limit (150% for 55t and above).
• Ultimate load: 7 x working load limit.
• Ambient temp: -10o to +40oC.
• Accuracy: within 1% of actual reading.
• Range: Not less than 100m under normal conditions.
• Link unit: Waterproofed to IP65.

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