Renfroe Plate Clamps

Renfroe Plate Clamps

Model DWS Locking Type: Model DWS is a horizontal lifting clamp utilizing Renfroe’s famous “lock-closed” feature. This clamp comes in four sizes:

• 1/4 Ton: 0 – 1/2” opening

• 1/2 Ton: 0 – 3/4” opening

• 1-1/2 Ton: 0 – 1” opening

• 3 Ton: 0 – 1-1/4” opening

• Recommended for use in pairs.

Model HRS Locking Type: The Model HRS is a horizontal lifting clamp that has a spring loaded open and closed position. The spring closed position allows one-man operation of multiple clamps. The clamps stay in position where they are attached until spring open is actuated. These clamps must be used in pairs, sets of pairs, or in a tripod arrangement for transporting plates horizontally.

Model JPA Locking Type: The Model JPA is a vertical lifting clamp capable of turning a single plate or member from horizontal to vertical to horizontal through a 180 degree arc. Incorporates a push button auxiliary lock. Permits side loading of lifting shackle to 90 degrees by derating of clamp’s rated capacity Model JPA incorporates a pivoting shackle that permits side loading of the lifting shackle at 100 percent of rated capacity from vertical to 30 degrees, 75 percent of rated capacity between 30 and 45 degrees and 50 percent of rated capacity between 45 and 90 degrees.

Model SCPA Locking, Screw Type: The SCPA clamp is capable of handling steel plate from horizontal to vertical to horizontal through a 180 degree arc and may be used for handling plate at rolling and forming machines. These clamps feature a spring loaded pivoting cam jaw that “cams in” when a load is applied to the lifting shackle. Clamp is capable of handling plate horizontally when used in pairs or sets of pairs, or in a tripod arrangement.

*Pivoting shackle assembly, as shown, is available on capacities of 3 tons and larger.

Model NM Locking, Screw Type: The Model NM clamp (nonmarring) is manufactured with smooth gripping surfaces to prevent marring when gripping stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other polished metal plates. Due to the variety of conditions that may exist in handling these plates, it is recommended that these clamps be used in pairs and attached to a chain or wire rope sling, supported by a spreader beam.

The Model NM is supplied with stainless steel gripping surfaces and is available with steel or bronze upon request. The model NM is not intended for use in transportation of plates using mobile equipment where shocking of the load may occur.

Renfroe clamps standard jaws are suitable for optimum hardness materials of 300 Bhn and 360Bhn and for materials with even higher harness number we have the non-marring clamp.

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