Crosby IP Lifting Clamps

Crosby IP Lifting Clamps

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The CrosbyIP lifting clamps are available in a variety of models to allow the lifting and transferring of steel plates and other materials in a wide variety of industries. These industries include ship building, offshore, aircraft, construction and metal-processing.

The CrosbyIP range of lifting clamps are manufactured from high quality steel which has been forged, quenched, tempered and heat-treated to guarantee the safety and durability required by industrial applications. All clamps have been ergonomically designed to be user friendly (smaller, lighter and more compact), while not sacrificing strength and durability.

Available in: Universal Vertical Plate Clamps, Non Marring Vertical Plate Clamps, Horizontal Plate Clamps, Horizontal Lifting Clamp (Manual pre-tensioning), Vertical Drum Clamps, Horizontal Plate Clamps (with locking device), Horizontal Pipe Hook Clamps (pair), Beam Clamp Clamps (with locking device)

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