Eye Nuts

Eye Nuts

Test & Tagging

Eye Nut DIN 582 are generally used as a removable lifting point where a rated female thread or nut can be utilized also can be used as a termination for Chain, Wire Rope and other assembles where required.


• Test certificates supplied (Upon request)

• Made from C15 carbon steel with zinc plated finish, manufactured with a standard larger eye.

• Conforms to DIN 582 marked with working load limit in tonne, nominal size in millimetre, quality grade, batch numbered and supplier identification.

• Proof tested to 2 x Working load limit and Minimum breaking force of 6 x Work load limit.

Part Numbers

Part: 152001
WLL Capacity - Size (mm): WLL 0.07t - 6mm
Part: 152002
WLL Capacity - Size (mm): WLL 0.14t - 8mm
Part: 152003
WLL Capacity - Size (mm): WLL 0.23t - 10mm
Part: 152004
WLL Capacity - Size (mm): WLL 0.34t - 12mm
Part: 152005
WLL Capacity - Size (mm): WLL 0.7t - 16mm
Part: 152006
WLL Capacity - Size (mm): WLL 1.2t - 20mm
Part: 152007
WLL Capacity - Size (mm): WLL 1.5t - 22mm
Part: 152008
WLL Capacity - Size (mm): WLL 1.8t - 24mm
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