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Covid Safe Plan

Our 2021 Covid Safe Plan

We are an Essential Service

Stenhouse lifting Equipment Pty ltd (Stenhouse) is classified as an essential service both on a federal and state level. Providing essential services and products to multiple utilities sectors, defined as essential by the Disaster Management Act 2003 (QLD) across Southeast Queensland.

We Stay Up To Date

Stenhouse maintain currency on developing Covid 19 situation daily (as a minimum). Information is sourced directly from State and Federal Government. Our Covid Safe Plans are updated based on the current Public Health Advise

Communication to Staff

Stenhouse communicates with their staff utilising Microsoft Forms. This allows us to ensure our staff read and acknowledge any questions we may have. It allows to them complete quizzes to ensure comprehension.

Our Staff

Stenhouse staff are not allowed to attend work when they are sick or under directions from the public health unit. When staff are unwell they are encourage to get a Covid Test and remain in isolation until they receive a result. Our staff have the right to refuse service or work on site, and in branches where breaches of public health directives are in place – this includes when masks are mandatory or inability to maintain social distancing, and an alternative cannot be sort.

We Follow Branch Protocols

Stenhouse branches adapt their protocols to current health restrictions that are current for that LGA. As a minimum, all branches have:

  • Hand Sanitiser at all workstations, entry and exit points.

  • Alcohol Wipes at all workstations, entry and exit points.

  • Check In QLD QR Code on all entry points at all branches.

  • Signage indicating current social distancing requirements, hand sanitiser and room capacity in each office/enclosed space.

  • Access to masks when dictated by health directives.

We Follow An Onsite Protocol

Stenhouse has implemented the following procedures to maintain health and wellness of our Service Technicians and Clients:

To ensure safety to our staff and yours, Stenhouse instigated the following onsite procedures:
  • Our Service Technician is to have limited contact with client staff. Ideally only the designated site contact or nominated individual.

  • When working in a shared space, the Service Technician will maintain social distancing as required by current Public Health Directives.

  • Wear a mask when dictated by Public Health Directives and Site requirements.

  • Utilise all check in procedures as defined by Public Health Directives.

Our Service Technicians will:
  • Maintain good hygiene: clean their hands often with disinfectant wipes/hand sanitiser, wash their hands with soap and water where access allows, cover their coughs/sneezes with elbow or tissue, and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Utilise only their personal equipment including hand tools, iPads and tags.

  • Follow all Public Health Directives.

Stenhouse Service Technician will not attend site:
  • If they have returned from a Queensland Government declared Covid 19 Hotspot within the timeframes dictated by Public Health Directives – COVID-19 hotspots | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (

  • Attend site If they are displaying any symptoms associated with Covid 19 and awaiting are awaiting their test result. e.g sore throat, coughing, fever or respiratory distress.

  • If they have had close contact (as defined by public health) with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

View Full Covid Safe Plan Here

View Onsite Covid Safe Plan Here

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